January 23, 2019

21 Tips For Traveling With An Infant

Over Christmas we traveled home from Virginia to Arizona with our four month old little babe. There were a few things I learned while traveling with an infant, and I decided to put my thoughts together in a post for anyone who is feeling reluctant to travel with an infant. I promise, you can do this! Don’t think too hard about it – it’s just like any other day with your babe, but on a plane.

21 helpful (I hope) tips for traveling with an infant:

  1. Bring a copy of the birth certificate, and if they don’t have their birth certificate yet, bring a shot record.
  2.  Bring Baby food/formula/sealed water/breast milk which can be brought through security. Size restrictions do not apply to baby items.
  3. Bring Infant Tylenol.. optional of course! We didn’t end up using it, but I could see where it might come in handy for the ears popping.
  4. Bring a Baby blanket to wrap the little babe up since flights can sometimes run cold.
  5. Bring a Small blow up pillow to rest your arm on if it’s a long flight. This came in very handy!
  6. Bring lots of spit up rags if you have a little babe that spits up like ours does!
  7. Bring Doggy bags for poopy dipes, spit up rags, dirty outfits, other trash, etc.
  8. Bring a Pacifier – helpful for take off/landing if their ears get plugged.
  9. Bring Bottles, obviously! We had one ready to go AT ALL TIMES. That way if he started to get fussy, bottle! For the most part he stuck to his feeding schedule, but it minimized any loud fussing that may have occurred had we not had one ready to go and had to mess with making it. Also, drinking a bottle while the plane takes off and lands helps with the ears… allegedly… Archer’s ears didn’t seem to bug him, I’m just going off of what I’ve been told on this one!
  10. You can check things like your stroller at the gate, which is where we chose to do so, that way the carseat wasn’t thrown around and therefore compromised in any way. We didn’t bring our stroller though, so I don’t have any helpful tips there. We did purchase a carseat bag from Amazon though, which acts as a backpack, and keeps the carseat from getting wet or dirty while being transported on the plane.
  11. Bring lots of hand sanitizer and wipes. Planes carry lots of germs!
  12. Bring an extra shirt for yourself in your diaper bag in case of spit up or blowouts etc.
  13. Bring a change of clothes for the little babe.
  14. Lots of extra dipes, food, etc. in case of a layover or delayed flight.
  15. We bought the $1 window stickers from Target that were Christmasy and put them on the window for him to look at since it can get boring looking at the same thing and he enjoyed that. Plus, it made us the cool people on the plane that decorated their row!
  16. Make sure whatever you will need/want during the flight is in your diaper bag under your seat for easy access!
  17. If your little babe is teething, bring a little teether.
  18. We brought our carrier to wear Archer most of the day, but in all honesty, it ended up being more of a pain in our butt. So I’ll leave that one up to your discretion!
  19. Unrelated to traveling on the plane, but we suggest purchasing this Boon travel bottle cleaning set from Target. It’s $11 and so helpful to have while traveling! I wish we bought ours sooner.
  20. Something else that’s notable if you’re flying with Southwest is that family boarding is AFTER they seat all the people in A.. so you might want to still do early bird check-in, especially if you’re traveling with your spouse so that you can all sit together!
  21. If you are traveling with multiple kids under certain ages, you might be split up into several rows as there can only be one child in a row under that age limit, on a lap.

I’m sure I’m missing some points, but I think these were some of the more helpful things we were told prior to traveling, or that we learned while traveling. Let me know if I missed anything!


21 Tips for Traveling with an Infant by Ashley Kanton Photography



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