The Rule of Thirds – Composition Tips

Are you struggling to make your photographs more appealing? If so, you might be interested in the rule of thirds! The rule of thirds is a way of composing your photograph. In other words, it’s a composition guide that helps draw the viewer into your photograph. The rule of thirds breaks your image into a 9 square grid, as shown in the photograph below. The idea is to place your subject in one of the thirds of the photograph, rather than in the center of the photograph.



There are four points of interest when you use the rule of thirds, which are at the intersecting points, as shown below and marked by the red dots. The ideal spot to place your subject is on one of the points of interest. This will likely never be perfect, especially when photographing your kiddos! Totally A-okay! Just use it as a guide rather than a rule of photography.



You can always adjust your composition in post processing if you don’t nail it in the camera. Super easy to do! The grid on both photos above are from Lightroom. You just select the little “crop overlay” button, and wa-la! It appears!

If you are shooting a horizontal image like the two above, you’ll want to make sure that your subjects eyes, or the spot you are focusing on, are in the right or left third of the frame.

If you are shooting a vertical image, you’ll want your subjects eyes or the focal point in the top or bottom third, as shown below.


Rule of Thirds by Ashley Kanton Photography



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The Rule of Thirds – Composition Tips
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