How to Tell a Story With Pictures of Your Kids

Using our images to tell a story is one of the things we want to accomplish when photographing our children. But how? There are ways you can photograph different elements of your story in order to make it complete. Just like when you were taught in grade school, there should be a beginning, middle and an end.

One of the best ways to get a beginning, middle and end is to shoot from various angles. One of my favorite ways is to move around my subject. Instead of making my subject move (because lets face it.. kids aren’t really into pictures most of the time anyways!) I will move around my subject. This works extremely well for kids that aren’t of walking age yet, also. You can shoot from in front of them, behind them, above them, or even below them. You can shoot close up, or far away. You can shoot details, like their little fingers or toes, or pictures of what the item is they are using/making/etc. Anything that adds value to the story.

I think it’s time for you to practice, mom. Take the little babe, grab your camera, and photograph your little babe doing one of their favorite activities. Maybe this is swinging, or finger painting, or reading a book. This is your story. Tell it exactly as you see it.


Using Pictures to Tell Stories by Ashley Kanton Photography


How to Tell a Story With Pictures of Your Kids

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