How I Grew My Pinterest Views To Over 100k In Two Weeks

I have been working really hard behind the scenes on a huge project I’m going to roll out, eventually.. which requires me to get all of my advertising and SEO up to par. That means I’ve been focusing a ton on social media and search engines. But this blog post is going to speak specifically to Pinterest, and how I grew my Pinterest views to over 100k in just two weeks. Before I started making changes two weeks ago to my Pinterest, I was getting a couple thousand views at best. To be honest, I wasn’t even using my Pinterest for business purposes really. But, that was DUMB. So, don’t be dumb, and keep reading.

The first thing I did was switch my Pinterest to a business profile and claim my website. You can do this in your settings, and it’s super easy, free, and offers you tons of analytics for your Pinterest profile. You can also use paid functions, like promoting pins, but I have yet to explore that.

The second thing I did was apply for Rich Pins. Rich Pins provide more context about an idea because they show extra information directly on a Pin. The process is pretty simple, too. Here is a great blog post on how to apply for Rich Pins:

Side note: If you apply for Rich Pins and get to the step where it asks you to validate a blog post and you run into an error message.. make sure you don’t copy and paste your URL, but that you type it out completely. For instance, I would type out instead of just or

After that, I optimized my Pinterest. This means that I updated my profile “about” section, and created boards that were relevant to my business. I Made any boards that are irrelevant, private. You can still pin to them, but it doesn’t need to be viewable to the public. On each board I created a description explaining what my board is about using keywords and included a few hashtags. I made sure to have a couple boards of my own content, and five or so boards of other peoples content.

From there, I’ve been working tirelessly to go through all of my old and new blog posts to create attractive images for each post, so that when people pin from my blog, I am the one deciding which image they can pin. I’ve been using Canva for this, and love it! I also downloaded Social Warfare and purchased Social Warfare Pro for $29 which easily allows me to decide what a Pinterest caption would read when someone pins from my blog, as well as the picture, without showing either on the actual blog post itself.

Because Pinterest is a search engine, and Pinterest pairs its results with keywords, I used searchable keywords for the pin description and alt tags, in my profile, board titles and image titles. Pinterest also utilizes a smart feed and a “follower” tab to show Pinners related pins and content. The “follower” tab shows chronological pins from content creators that you follow on Pinterest. So, when content is first published by those creators, the “follower” tab and smart feed show it to the Pinner first, and a million times more to people that show interest or have related interests.

So… basically…. being consistent with engagement is key! The first few days I tried pinning every day with content that was relevant to my business. Buuuut.. life happens, and that is hard to keep up with, as much as I’d love to get lost in Pinterest world, I have things I have to do that don’t allow for that. So I started using Tailwind! I scheduled an entire months worth of pins in like 20 minutes, and will literally never look back. The growth is insane! The statistics for my website lately have been higher than ever, further helping me to rank higher on Google. Win, win!

For each day, I scheduled about 5-10 posts to go out. I schedule about 20% worth of my content and 80% worth of other peoples content. The life of content on Pinterest is so much longer (by months) than it is on social media like FaceBook or Instagram. So it is well worth 20 minutes of your time!

If you’re interested in checking Tailwind out, here is a link for your first month free!

This post wasn’t meant to be super in-depth, so if you have questions please feel free to reach out and I’ll try my best to help. I mainly wanted to share with the photographers that follow me what is working for me, in case they aren’t already utilizing these features! There is a ton of research out there that can further explain some of what I talked about, but this is a good starting point! 🙂

Happy Pinning!


How I Grew My Pinterest Views To Over 100k In Two Weeks

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