How He Asked Me To Marry Him | Fredericksburg, VA

Hi friends!

I’m SO excited to finally share with you how he asked me to marry him, MY engagement story!

As some of you might already know, in October I moved across the country with my boyfriend (now fiance) Steven, and our dog Bogi. Steven was offered his dream job, and I was (and still am) lucky enough to work for a company who allowed me to work remotely so that I could move to Virginia with him. So, we moved! It all happened really quickly.

A few months after the move, I reached out to a photographer that I found in the Northern Virginia area via Instagram (who am I?!), Chelsea. I was inquiring about the photography business and any pointers she had for me as I was just starting out with my own wedding photography business. She sent me back the sweetest email, with SO much information! Most of the other photographers I reached out to sent me back a very generic sentence saying good luck, nothing to share here.

Needless to say, I was really happy that someone was willing to share a slice of their time and knowledge and break bread together. She even offered to meet for coffee! So we did that the next week and talked for hours about anything and everything photography. It was so much fun! And yes.. I was totally freaked out to go meet someone in person that I met on Instagram! But.. it’s like 21st century.. so whatevs (*eye rolls*)… YES, I was terrified. But it turned out GREAT!

Fast forward to the beginning of May. I was in Phoenix at a photography workshop, learning everything there was to know about running my wedding photography business and how to serve my couples well from Amy & Jordan Demos. Little did I know, Steven and Chelsea were conspiring together back home. Turns out Steven looked Chelsea up on Google and sent her an email expressing how much I loved her work and that he was planning to propose and was hoping she would capture it on camera.

Towards the end of May, Steven’s brother and sister-in-law were in town visiting from Texas. Apparently they were in on all of the conspiring too! Since Matt and Brooke had just announced over that weekend that they were pregnant (click here to view their gender reveal announcement), I was under the impression we were going (in the rain) to take pictures by the lake of them with the baby props before we went to dinner. Hence why I’ve got my ExpoDisc, camera bag, camera, and camera rain coat out during all of this. So, as I was getting my camera out and ready (more like trying to figure out how to use my new camera raincoat), Steven walked up to me and got down on one knee.

Initially I didn’t think anything of him getting down on one knee because he was riffling through his camera bag to get something out. But that’s when he pulled out a camera lens, and said something to the affect of “do you want to try this lens?” It was a lens that I’d never seen before (meaning it wasn’t one of mine), and he pulled a ring from within the camera lens that had a purple ribbon tied to it and asked me to marry him!!!! WHAT?! Best. Day. Ever!

After I said YES, he told me to turn around and I saw Chelsea up on the hill, hiding in all of the trees, capturing all of this on camera! She looked so cute up there between all the trees, I wish we’d snapped a picture of that! Afterwards, the four of us had dinner at Brock’s Riverside Grille which overlooks the bridge and the river that Steven proposed in front of. There was a live band, and we got to kickback and relax.

Other than my serious rain hair, I love these pictures! I made it pretty clear that I wanted to be surprised by every piece of our engagement when it happened. The ring. The time frame. All of it! To me, that’s what makes it special. He did just that and more!

It’s funny because just the week before while I was in Arizona, I was at happy hour with my colleagues and someone asked me (as they always do) when we were going to get engaged. I legitimately said, “I don’t know – probably in another year or so..” It’s so funny looking back on that conversation now, but I really had no idea it was coming!

It’s still so surreal! But enough of me talking already.. lets get to the important things.. the pictures!!



Surprise Proposal in Fredericksburg Virginia

Surprise Proposal in Fredericksburg Virginia

Surprise Proposal in Fredericksburg Virginia by Virginia Wedding Photographer

Surprise Proposal in Fredericksburg Virginia by Virginia Wedding Photographer

Surprise Proposal in Fredericksburg Virginia by Virginia Wedding Photographer

Surprise Proposal in Fredericksburg Virginia by Virginia Wedding Photographer


To hear a little bit more about our engagement, you can go directly to Chelsea’s blog and read her side of the story here!


How He Asked Me To Marry Him | Fredericksburg, VA
  1. Chelsea Schaefer says:

    I was so happy to be there and capture it for you guys!! Congrats agains 🙂 can’t wait to hear about all of your wedding plans!

  2. Sarah Babros says:

    Oh my gosh this made me tear up!! Way to go Steven!! I’m so happy for you guys ????

  3. Melissa Grant says:

    What a great memory and story! The pics are beautiful!!

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