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White Balance Cheat Sheet by Ashley Kanton Photography

Hey mama! Do you ever wonder why your subjects turn out yellow when photographing them in indoor environments?¬†Or why your camera flash can make them appear blue? You think to yourself – could my subject look anymore like an OOPMA LOOMPA?! And then you throw your palm onto your face and cry in the corner. […]


Cinco De Mayo Baby Shower Fiesta; Ashley Kanton Photography; Fredericksburg Virginia Wedding Photographer

Last year my family threw my husband and I a Cinco De Mayo Baby Shower Fiesta on May 5th (duh, Cinco De Mayo) to celebrate that we were expecting our first child. It was the best baby shower I’ve personally ever been too (not biased or anything)! They put in so much work to make […]

Cinco De Mayo Baby Shower Fiesta

Fredericksburg Virginia Wedding Photographer; Ashley Kanton Photography; Finding Time For Photography When You Feel Like You Have No Time At All

Oh, how I hear you mama! Finding time for photography is hard. From the moment you wake up in the morning, your days are filled with maintaining a household, and keeping your baby upright and fed. Time for yourself? It’s rare, it’s fleeting, and when you get it, sometimes you just can’t move off the […]

Finding Time For Photography When You Feel Like You Have No Time At All

5 Intentional Ways to Improve Your Skills As A Photographer With Personal Projects by Ashley Kanton Photography

Personal projects in photography are key. They help you to get out of your comfort zone and hone in on your creativity. This year one of my personal projects is to participate in the 365 Project. Well.. kind of! The 365 Project is where you take a picture every day, edit it and then share […]


How to Take Candid Pictures of Kids by Ashley Kanton Photography

My absolute favorite type of photography is candid. I think shooting weddings taught me that. It never fails that at the end of a long wedding day, my favorite pictures are the in between moments I captured. I think it’s because of how authentic everything looks. And in a world where there isn’t much authenticity […]

How to Get Candid Photos of Your Kids

Capturing Boyhood by Ashley Kanton Photography

If you want to capture the joy of boyhood, and all of its glory, you need to be ready. You need to have that camera out at all times. Mine sits in the living room or kitchen most days. No matter where it sits, it isn’t far, it’s always charged, and ready to go in […]

Capturing Boyhood

Using Pictures to Tell Stories by Ashley Kanton Photography

Using our images to tell a story is one of the things we want to accomplish when photographing our children. But how? There are ways you can photograph different elements of your story in order to make it complete. Just like when you were taught in grade school, there should be a beginning, middle and […]

How to Tell a Story With Pictures of Your Kids

5 Reason's to Switch to Manual Mode

Moms, lets talk! Do you have a DSLR camera that you’ve been shooting in Auto Mode? (It’s totally okay if you answered yes to that)! If you did answer yes to that, answer this question for me… are you satisfied with the pictures you are getting, or do you feel like something isn’t just right? […]

5 Reasons You Should Switch to Manual Mode

How I Grew My Pinterest Following In Just Two Weeks By Ashley Kanton Photography

I have been working really hard behind the scenes on a huge project I’m going to roll out, eventually.. which requires me to get all of my advertising and SEO up to par. That means I’ve been focusing a ton on social media and search engines. But this blog post is going to speak specifically […]

How I Grew My Pinterest Views To Over 100k In Two Weeks

11 Ways to Ease the Working Mom's Routine by Ashley Kanton Photography

If you’ve been following along in my new mommy journey, you likely know that my maternity leave ended last week, and I started back to work. If you missed that post, feel free to catch up on it here. For those of you that are up to date, lets dig right into it! Today I’m […]

11 Ways to Ease the Working Moms Routine