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How to Brighten An Image In Lightroom by Ashley Kanton Photography

I took a poll from my followers and y’all said you wanted to see a post where I share the secrets to brightening an image in Lightroom. SO, I made a *quick* video tutorial for you! No hemming and hawing. I get right to the point and walk you through my entire edit of the […]

How to Brighten an Image In Lightroom

Negative Space In Photography by Ashley Kanton Photography

Negative Space… it’s just as it sounds! The space around your subject that is empty. Just as with other types of composition in photography, Negative Space can help you create a dramatic photograph. Negative Space will often take up more of the photograph than the subject does, but not always. The background of a photograph […]

Negative Space – Composition Tips

Leading Lines - Composition Tips by Ashley Kanton Photography

Leading lines are often used in photography to attract the viewer to your subject in a new and unique way. Leading lines don’t have to be as they sound – perfectly straight. Typically though, a line will start from a corner of the photograph and lead directly to your subject. The viewer will be following […]

Leading Lines – Composition Tips

Photo Composition by Ashley Kanton Photography

In my recent post about Photo Composition one of the things I talked about was how important it is not to crop your subjects limbs out of a photo unnecessarily. Well, today I’m going to talk about something that will be slightly contradictory to that, but just know there’s a time and a place for […]

Fill the Frame – Composition Tips

Photo Composition by Ashley Kanton Photography

Wanna know a secret? There are things you might be doing with your photographs that make them appear less professional. One of the things that always sticks out to me is when people chop off someones limb when it’s not really “appropriate”. I went to a photography workshop several years back, and when they pointed […]

Photo Composition Tips

The Rule of Thirds by Ashley Kanton Photography

Are you struggling to make your photographs more appealing? If so, you might be interested in the rule of thirds! The rule of thirds is a way of composing your photograph. In other words, it’s a composition guide that helps draw the viewer into your photograph. The rule of thirds breaks your image into a […]

The Rule of Thirds – Composition Tips

7 Reasons Why You Have Blurry Photos by Ashley Kanton Photography

Do you ever wonder why you have blurry photographs? It’s probably one of the most asked questions by new photographers. I know I asked it! I started learning Manual Mode, and then couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting super tack sharp photographs. Isn’t Manual Mode supposed to make your pictures better, not worse?! YES. […]

7 Reasons Why You Have Blurry Photos

Embracing Candid Photography of Your Kids by Ashley Kanton Photography

Are you the “say cheese” mom that runs over to her kids when she sees them do something cute? I get it, it makes sense! You want to document a moment and that’s how you’ve learned to do it. I mean.. most of us grew up with parents or family members always telling us to […]

Embracing Candid Photography of Your Kids

How to Freeze Motion In Your Photos by Ashley Kanton Photography

Photographing children can be a struggle when it comes to freezing motion. Children, especially toddlers, don’t sit still. Amiright?! Have you ever noticed when taking a picture of your kids that their face isn’t as sharp as you’d like it to be, or maybe their hand is slightly blurred? That’s from motion blur. Motion blur […]

How to Freeze Motion In Your Photos

How to Take Photos That Tell a Story by Ashley Kanton Photography

It’s true what they say – that pictures tell a story. But, not all pictures tell great stories by happenstance. There is more to documenting an event or outing with the fam than just clicking the button. One of the ways I try to tell a story is by thinking of pictures that might potentially […]

How to Take Photos That Tell a Story