My mother has been enjoying and taking part in the motherhood sorority for years and years. Forty-four years to be exact. That’s how old my brother is. My mother is a woman of many words, but ironically, the most important lessons she taught me came from her actions and not her words, whether she realizes […]

Our son Archer has been on a sleep schedule since the day he was born. Every 3 hours he was fed – 8am, 11pm, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, 11pm, 2am, 5am and repeat. The NICU started him on this schedule, and we continued it when we left the hospital because it was in line with the […]

One thing I learned while I was pregnant with my son is that everyone thinks it’s their business to know the ins and outs of your pregnancy. Did you have a C-section or vaginal birth? Do you breastfeed or bottle feed? Did you get an epidural or do it naturally? The questions go on, and […]

As an adult, I look back on my childhood and appreciate certain Christmas traditions, so it was important to me that we create some of those same memories for our son Archer. He may only be 4 months old and never remember this first Christmas, but we want to start while he’s young so it […]

With the holiday’s approaching, I’ve had several people inquire about buying their first DSLR camera, so I decided to write a blog post about that very topic! In order to determine which camera is best for you, you first have to understand that it’s about getting a camera that works towards the goal you have […]

The months leading up to my son Archer’s debut into this world were hard. During my first trimester I struggled with depression quite badly. When I found out I was pregnant I stopped taking anti-depressants that I was on for migraines and fibromyalgia and had the worst withdrawal for about a week. I had no […]

We’ve all heard parents claim they’re raising children. But, the statement itself is not true. Parents are actually raising grownups (more specifically, adults). The distinction between the two is pretty important though, because when you break down the definition of the two, you’ve got this.. Children: a young human being below the age of puberty, or below the legal […]

There is a natural order in marriage. Two people fall in love, become the most important person to one another, and live happily ever after together. Except, you don’t get to live happily ever after together, if you stop putting your spouse first once you have kids. Give me a second to explain – because I’m 99% […]

A couple of months ago my face started breaking out really out bad along my chin. Now, it’s not entirely unusual for my face to breakout, but it usually doesn’t breakout much along my chin, and definitely not as bad as it had on this one strange Thursday in January (the 4th to be specific). […]

My last wedding of 2017 was Laura and Todd’s beautiful Christmas themed wedding at the Inn at Old Silk Mill. It was stunning! The morning started off with all the girls in the cutest baseball shirts, getting ready. Followed by Laura and Todd each opening a gift from one another (there were some tears), and […]