5 Reasons You Should Switch to Manual Mode

Moms, lets talk! Do you have a DSLR camera that you’ve been shooting in Auto Mode? (It’s totally okay if you answered yes to that)! If you did answer yes to that, answer this question for me… are you satisfied with the pictures you are getting, or do you feel like something isn’t just right? If you feel like something isn’t just right, don’t worry lady, I’ve got you covered!

Don’t freak out, but.. I think it’s time you make the switch to shooting in Manual Mode! It sounds super scary to shoot in Manual Mode, I know! But, coming from someone who started a wedding photography business before she even owned a DSLR, I’ve got you, boo. Switching to Manual Mode will give you so much more creative freedom over your pictures and you’ll be SO glad you made the switch. Plus, what’s the harm in trying? If you don’t like it, all you have to do is move the little dial back to Automatic Mode and continue being frustrated with your pictures.

Here are the top five reasons to switch to Manual Mode:


When shooting in Auto Mode, your camera chooses your settings for you. If you are shooting in an environment with low lighting, the camera will automatically use the flash in an effort to add more. Unfortunately, that type of lighting is incredibly unflattering for your subjects. When shooting in Manual Mode, your inner control freak will become happy like mine, because you can control this unflattering light yourself by changing the ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed (I promise I’ll explain those later)! But they affect how much light is coming into the camera.


If you leave your camera on Auto Mode, the camera gets to auto-select a focal point for you. That means the camera is focusing on the item that it thinks you want to focus on. If you allow the camera to auto-select your focal point, if something barely pops into the frame of the camera, the camera is likely to adjust focus onto that instead of where you were intending for it to go. By setting the focal point yourself, you can focus on one thing or person, while people run in and out of the frame of the camera, and it won’t matter.


Bokeh? What’s that? Oh my friend… bokeh is that beautiful creamy and blurry background that you see in professional photos. It’s controlled by the Aperture, which we’ll get into more later, but it is what makes your subject stand out in an image.


With Manual Mode you can control how light or dark your images are, you just have to know how to adjust your settings, and use your camera in relation to the sun!


The possibilities are endless when you shoot in Manual Mode!


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And remember… allow yourself to be a beginner… no one starts at the top!


5 Reasons You Should Switch to Manual Mode

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