Surprise… We’re Pregnant!

A couple of months ago my face started breaking out really out bad along my chin. Now, it’s not entirely unusual for my face to breakout, but it usually doesn’t breakout much along my chin, and definitely not as bad as it had on this one strange Thursday in January (the 4th to be specific). So, I did what any normal millennial does these days.. I Googled it. And I followed my Google search with a trip to the grocery store for a pregnancy test.

After buying the test, I went home, and immediately took it. But I got some real mixed results. You see, I picked up one of those tests that can tell you extra early if you’re pregnant, because if I was, I wasn’t even a whole month into it yet, and this test in particular spoke in the language of lines. One line was a negative, and two lines equated to a positive. But, what the box doesn’t tell you, is what one dark line and one really faint line means. I sat there for a minute like what the heck does this mean?! And then I Googled it. Again.

Right as I was about to leave the house to go to the store to find a test that explicitly said “yes” or “no,” my husband walked in the front door from work! I had talked to him earlier in the afternoon, and he knew I had already been to the grocery store, so there was no covering up exactly why I was headed back to the store, so I asked him before he even made it halfway into the foyer if he wanted to go with me. He said sure, and then asked what I needed. I told him a pregnancy test, because I think I might be pregnant! He smiled, said “right on!” and then fist pumped me. Next thing I knew we were out the door to find a digital test.

Fast forward to three tests later, and that’s the night we found out we were gonna be parents!

My eggo is preggo.. I’m knocked up.. Pea in the pod.. Preggers.. Prego.. There’s a bun in the oven.. I’m eating for two………..

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I was really quiet the rest of the night. My mind was spinning. I was in the kitchen making homemade Gyro’s and Tzatziki sauce, in the weirdest mood. I’m pretty sure it was a little bit of shock, mixed with some feelings of holy crap this is surreal, and excitement of course.

That night I happened to be texting with my SIL, Elizabeth, and because the new news was relevant to our current topic at hand, we gave her a ring. They were headed to Flagstaff, where they have a second home, and I asked her to make sure my nephews couldn’t hear us (I didn’t want them to tell my parents before we had the chance). Before I was even able to get the words out, she guessed it! She was SO excited! The next day we received an Edible Arrangements bouquet from them, and the note said “Congratulations! We love you both and are so extremely happy for you! Can’t wait to meet Elizabeth Roberta Fleming! This shit just got real…..” HAHA!

The next day Steven and I called my parents, one at a time, because I was too impatient to wait for them to be together to hear the news (they were busy the night before so we couldn’t tell them then). It literally took my mom about five minutes before she believed that I wasn’t pulling her chain, because I’m known to do that, and it probably wasn’t until I took a picture of the pregnancy test and sent it to her that she believed us. At one point she said, “Oh my god, I’m so excited! God damnit, you guys.. if you’re pulling my chain I’m gonna be pissed!” She also followed that up with asking who knew, and when she found out my brother and SIL knew before her, she was appalled LOL! Then we gave my dad a call – and he was SO excited! We started each of those phone calls off with, “So.. you once told us that when we start having kids, that’s the day you’d start coming to Virginia for holidays.. well.. we really wanted you to come visit for Christmas next year.. so we decided to make you a grand baby!”

That same day, I FaceTimed my nephews. Brandon was doing the happy dance when his dad translated the fact that a baby is growing in my belly to mean that he’d be getting more cousins. He’s super close with his other cousins – they go to school together, they are babysat together most days, they all come over on holidays, and so on. So, you can imagine he was stoked to add another little human to the mix. When Ryan got on the phone, he looked at me like he was confused – pretty sure he was processing it. A few minutes later he came back up to the phone and goes, “Ashley, I have a feeling your house is about to get really messy!” That kid is a riot!

Later that night we called Steven’s parents and told them, and by the end of the night, we had the baby shower planned. Cinco De Mayo! After the first trimester when we planned to tell the world, and before the last trimester when you’re not supposed to fly. Add in some Mexican food and a little fiesta, and it sounded like the perfect time to celebrate our little peanut! My mom had one request – that I call my Aunt Holly that night and tell her we were expecting, because she’s the craftiest family member we have, and if we waited until March to tell her with everyone else, it wouldn’t be enough time for her to help decorate. She was elected to help, whether she liked it or not! HAHA! Of course she was thrilled though! The next day we called Steven’s brother, his wife and our third nephew (so many boys in this family), and told them the news! By January 6th, I was painting the nursery – I figured I might as well use my last few months of productiveness to get things done, because I have a feeling a lot of lazy days are ahead of me. We had the entire theme of the nursery picked out, and we were ready to roll. It has been a whirlwind since finding out, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything!


Ashley Kanton Photography; Baby Announcement Picture; Nursery Coming Soon; Fredericksburg VA Wedding Photographer; VA Wedding Photographer


Now that we’ve known for about a bit, here’s what has changed….

  • On January 8th, I slipped on some black ice on the front porch and panicked. I think that’s the first time I realized I was responsible for someone else growing inside of me. Luckily, I didn’t hit the floor hard and fell into the splits (weird, I know) so everything should be peachy.
  • On January 9th, I cried. A LOT. Pregnancy hormones are REAL. I cried watching Gilmore Girls.. I know the show by heart, I’ve seen it a million times, and I’ve never cried watching it before, until that day.
  • Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I stopped all of the meds I was on for migraines, and I’ve had nothing but the most debilitating migraines of my life every day since. I guess I should have weened myself off the meds, but I didn’t want to harm peanut, so I quit cold turkey. The migraines are real. Realllll sucky. And they’re back with a vengeance.
  • I fell asleep in the waiting room of the dentist office one day. I see a lot of naps in my future.
  • I go pee a lot – you’re welcome for that TMI. I drink more than a gallon of water a day, partially because they say it’s good for the baby, and partially because I’m parched all. the. time. Thank god for my Nalgene.
  • I’m 99% sure I’m having a girl. That’s based on no facts whatsoever, except the “fact” that we’ve got about ten kids in our families combined currently, and every single one of them has been male. So, I feel like we’ll be the ones to have a girl. All the people that have boys, say boys are easier, but all the people that have girls say girls are easier (obvi until they turn into little tweens). So, whatever.. as long as he/she is healthy! And cute!
  • Steven was out of town for work the week after we found out, and he was at a convention in Vegas. I guess they had some baby products, and he legit picked up a pamphlet for the “Willow Wearable Breast Pump”… keep in mind, no one outside of family knew at this point, so one of his co-workers was like, “are you expecting?” and he replied, “no, I just thought it looked cool”….. Uhmmm, OKAY! HAHAHA.
  • I started craving fruit for breakfast, and I NEVER crave fruit. Ever. So basically I feel like Lorelai when she thought she was pregnant at the hospital — “I ate an apple. And I enjoyed it. The last time I ate an apple and enjoyed it, I was pregnant with Rory.”
    • Steven even made me a smoothie one morning! He’s the best baby daddy!

Cactus Themed Baby Shower; Ashley Kanton Photography; Fredericksburg VA Wedding Photographer


  • I’ve decided that if I don’t get the “Babette ate oatmeal” baby bib, I’m not a real fan.
  • The first thing I ordered for the baby was a Promptly Journal. I had seen several photographers I follow post about these on their IG stories, and I knew I wanted one when that day came around for us. The journal covers everything from your pregnancy, through your kids 18th birthday. It’s so perfect, and I’ve already started journaling in it!
  • I also started a baby scrapbook! I used to scrapbook on the regular, and it’s something I always wanted to do for my kid when that time came, so here we are! One of the pages has the baby shower invitation in it, which I’m obsessed with. Just a little bit.
    • Here’s a screenshot of it! I blocked my parents address for obvious reasons, which is what’s up with that random white box.

Cactus Themed Baby Shower; Ashley Kanton Photography; Fredericksburg VA Wedding Photographer


  • We met our OBGYN and had our first appointment on January 15th. They called it a “confirmation appointment”. Basically since I was SO early in the pregnancy (like way earlier than most people even find out they’re pregnant) they couldn’t do a whole lot at that appointment except confirm that I was actually pregnant, answer some questions, and prepare us for the next steps. The doctor straight up asked me how I knew I was pregnant, because he thought it was nuts I knew so soon. And then he followed that up with, “You’re definitely pregnant! There’s no question about that.”
    • Just a quick iPhone photo after our first appointment to send to the family!

Cactus Themed Baby Shower; Ashley Kanton Photography; Fredericksburg VA Wedding Photographer


  • Steven hates basically all of the names that I like, and vice versa. So that should be interesting. Right now, we’re thinking of sticking with “no name” as the name.
  • We bought our first box of diapers! Stock up now, for less of an expense later! Thank you to Costco’s amazing return policy.
    • Our first box of diapers, pictured below!

Cactus Themed Baby Shower; Ashley Kanton Photography; Fredericksburg VA Wedding Photographer


  • I shared with my last couple of 2017 that our little babe was a surprise guest at their wedding!
    • I had no idea I was just a few days pregnant here, nor did I know I was ending 2017 as a pregnant lady!

Cactus Themed Baby Shower; Ashley Kanton Photography; Fredericksburg VA Wedding Photographer


  • I’ve finally started craving things. Last night, I craved a giant Chuy’s burrito, some of their crack sauce, chips and salsa. SO GOOD. I definitely looked pregnant that night. I get hangry as hell if I don’t eat regularly. I also ate a pazookie (pizza cookie) the other day, and let me tell you… DELICIOUS!
  • I started experiencing “morning” sickness on the evening of January 20th. It came on right before bed, and then again the next day before bed. That’s really all of it I’ve experienced so far though (knock on wood).
  • I have grown a huge repulsion to chicken. Just don’t even mention it to me. I can’t look at a recipe of it even. I immediately get sick to my stomach.
  • Sometimes I’ll be STARVING, eat one bite of something I’m craving, and feel like I just gorged myself. It’s obnoxious. I have no idea what’s going on there though, because I love food.


Ashley Kanton Photography; Baby Announcement Picture; Nursery Coming Soon; Fredericksburg VA Wedding Photographer; VA Wedding Photographer


  • I’m not gonna post a picture of it here, but I noticed I already have a little belly at just five weeks. It’s small, it’s probably not noticeable to anyone but me (and maybe Steven), but I laughed uncontrollably when I saw it.
  • Speaking of laughing – I have NO idea what is happening, but I hysterically laugh a LOT. Steven even mentioned this to me. So weird! I guess all these hormones made my funny laughing gene go nuttso!
  • I bought a Mae Band, and oh my god.. it’s amazing! Every pregnant girl needs one, and every girl that just wants to have the option of fat pants, also needs one. Bonus points: they sell it on Amazon!
  • We had our second OBGYN appointment on January 29th. Steven held my hand through our first ultrasound that day and it was the sweetest, most precious experience of my life. We saw our little babes heart beat at 130, and it occurred to me that day, that there are now two hearts beating inside of me ????????Looking at Steven as he looked at our little babe on the screen made me so happy. To see him turn into a Dad right then and there, is something I won’t ever forget.
  • My SIL is the funniest human being I know. Exhibit A.Baby Name





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